Finally – Christmas Drama Collection Coming in 2019

I love writing Christmas plays, and I’ve written thirty of them over the last few years — including a couple Christmas mini-musicals.

Now, finally, I’m going to be pushing hard over the next few months to get them out into the marketplace.

Tales of Wonder is a three-part series of full-length Christmas shows which premiered at the Penang Performing Arts Centre from December 2015 through December 2017.

The collection is a mix of secular and sacred, silly and serious. I had so much fun producing two of these shows. There’s something about the Christmas season which lends itself extremely well to the dramatic arts. There’s no greater time to focus in on family-drama with societal implications.

I love this collection and I’m super excited to finally getting this project off the ground. These shows (or individual sketches) are great for a variety of settings such as community theater, schools (both public and private), and churches.

I’ll keep everyone updated on the project’s progress. Hope to have them out by spring so folks thinking about Christmas shows will have plenty of time to prepare for something truly special.

Oh, and I even have a first-draft mock-up of the book’s cover.  Let me know what you think!

front cover Tales of Wonder

Tales of Wonder II: Coming soon!

We had our first of three all-day Saturday practices gearing up for “Tales of Wonder II” coming to penangpac December 1-3. We’ve been rehearsing since August, and today, for the first time, we put the entire show together. It’s a mix of 11 different original sketches themed around the joy and magic of Christmas. “Tales of Wonder” debuted last December and the response was so overwhelming that we decided to do another Christmas show. It’s been a blast putting this together. Here’s a glimpse into the opening of the show, “Tales of Wonder: A Drama Medley,” which highlights what’s it like to be a kid at Christmas.


A wonderful narrative piece about a girl in the first snow fall of the season.


A boy and his sled. And three pesky girls.


The big talk. Three parents telling the truth about Santa, but can they overcome the power of a child’s imagination?

Sketch #5: The Christmas Banquet

Here’s my next in a series of vignettes about the dramatic sketches I wrote for our show “Tales of Wonder” which opens next week.

“The Christmas Banquet” is a poignant piece, an allegory of sorts, about a person who shows up at the Christmas banquet and gets asked to hand out invitations. It’s unclear who asks her to help. An angel, perhaps. I’ll let the audience decide. Anyways, as the invitee gets the invitations, she is prodded to give one to everyone. Everyone. Absolutely everyone. Even drug addicts and illegal immigrants and people with rainbows on their Facebook profiles and homeless people and atheists and criminals and … well, you get the idea. The invitee is alarmed and shocked at all the people she’s supposed to invite but just quite can’t do it. Eventually, everyone shows up at the banquet and she has to decide what she’s going to do.

With this piece, I wanted to highlight the compassion needed in this world regardless of the background or circumstances of the person. I hope it’s a meaningful poignant piece for everyone to enjoy.Christmas Banquet

Christmas in June

I’m in the holiday mood more and more these days. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to write a holiday show off-season. When you think about all those Christmas movies that you’ve enjoyed over the years, they obviously spent a lot of off-season time trying to get in the mood. How Christmasy can you get in the middle of the summer?

Well, as I’m starting to discover, one can get VERY Christmasy if you have the need and drive, which I have.

I decided earlier this year that I wanted to write a Christmas show. I checked with my group of young actors to see if they thought it would be fun to do a Christmas-themed show this year, and I my request was meant with a resounding “yes!” I was thrilled.

I sat down with the entire group in May to do some brainstorming and just to get some thoughts about what Christmas was to them. They gave me a lot of good ideas and much to think about.

So now as I am in the writing season of late June, I find myself writing Christmas tunes, writing Christmas sketches, and trying to find an over-arching theme that would make this Christmas show unique and special.

My goal is to capture the magic of the holiday season. The joy and the wonder, not that everything I will be writing will be cheery and sappy. Oh no, I like the hard-hitting stuff, too. I mean, it’s not drama if I don’t get the women in the audience to cry, right?

I have a particularly heart-wrenching one which is going to be awesome. But my overall goal is to have the audience walk away, humming a new tune with a smile on their faces and an anticipation in their hearts.

I’m working on a completely original production which will be a combination of drama and music.  There will be four shows in early December at the Penang Performing Arts Centre.

I am totally in the mood and am having a blast writing sketches with titles like:


Arise and Touch the Dawn

Jolly Old Saint Hick

The Last Shepherd

Season’s Greetings

The Family Homecoming

AND Much, Much More!


Christmas is the most joyous time of the year—even in June.