A Blissful Week of Cooking

I got to take a break from my drama teaching, directing, and producing hats this weekend and cook! I organized a Week Without Walls cooking experience called Hot, Spicy, & Sasse. Yeah, I like the name too. I had twelve students, most of which had never cooked before, and I helped them build their cooking [...]

My Hobby – Cooking (Today’s recipe: chicken broccoli stir fry)

When I'm not writing or doing drama-related stuff, I cook. Here's one I did yesterday.: chicken broccoli stir fry. Super easy. Super delicious and very nutritious! Skip the Chinese take-out and try this. It doesn't take long to prepare. Here are the ingredients: Listed from left to right: green onions, chopped garlic (4 cloves), chopped [...]

Is Using a Thesaurus Cheating? (And other stupid thoughts.)

Is using a thesaurus cheating? (And other stupid thoughts.) Sometimes I feel like I’m competing against everyone’s outside perceptions. Here’s a stupid example. I went through a phase when I thought that good cooks never had to consult a cookbook. When I’m writing this now, I realize how stupid that sounds – as if someone [...]