The Sky is Choking Us (AKA: Never Take Blue Skies for Granted)

Here's a photo of our street at the moment. Notice those beautifully green hills in the background? Of course not, they are completely covered by a thick layer of smog courtesy of Indonesia. We've had occasional bad visibility in the past from time to time, but I've seen nothing like this in my ten years [...]

Theatre Review: “Evita” @ the Benedum in Pittsburgh

A real treat for theatre enthusiasts is in Pittsburgh this week in the revival of Andrew Lloyd Weber's and Tim Rice's "Evita". "Evita" chronicles the rise to power and prominence of Eva Duarte who was the driving force behind former Argentine president Juan Peron. While the historical context of the musical is fascinating, it's the [...]

A Night at PNC Park

Being from the Pittsburgh area, we are blessed with the best baseball park in America - or the world for that matter! If you haven't seen the park for yourself or heard the accolades, well, that's too bad. Because it is simply awesome! I was fortunate enough to be able to attend three games this [...]