In My Writing World

Here’s an update on what’s on my writing plate.

Book 1 of my new trilogy is currently with my editor. It’s weeks away from being finished. Tentative release scheduled for December 2017. This is a crazy one. More details to follow.

Book 2 of my new trilogy is 80% finished. (first draft, that is) I’ve been working hard this summer on this one to make it an exciting follow-up. Titles are still tentative for all the books in the series, but they are coming. This one would be on schedule to be released about 6 months after book 1. Tentative: mid-2018.

Last week, I took a break from novel writing and wrote this:


My first baseball story! It’s been a long time coming. I had such a fun time writing this last week that it spawned a whole series of ideas for more baseball stories. So I now have a long term goal of writing a collection of baseball stories that I’ll publish at some point in the future. I am a W.P. Kinsella fan, so my writing hopes to be in the tradition of his wonderful books.

Just finished a short play, “Silent Night: The (Almost) True Story” which is a modern re-make of the Hans Gruber and Joseph Mohr story about the origins of the song. This will be directed by my good friend as part of an upcoming Christmas show.

And long term, I have a musical project I’m working on with my composer buddy. Plus, I have book 3 of my new trilogy to write.

I also guarantee you that additional writing projects will be popping up at any moment because that’s how my brain works.

That’s a little update on where things are heading for me. What about you?

What’s next on the Writing Agenda?

This weekend kind of became one of those dividing lines in what a writer is working on. That happens every time a novel is sent off to the editor, and that’s what I did. Novel number 5 entitled “Which Half David” is now out of my sights. It was a sixteen month journey to get that one done, my longest one ever, and a rather difficult novel to write for several reasons. Well, it’s done and gone. (at least for now)

As a reward, I treated myself to a play writing session yesterday. On Friday, I heard about a play writing contest which finished on Sunday. I heard about it a little late, and the stipulation was to enter a brand new short play never before thought of until this contest came up. So, I finally wrote a play idea I’ve had for a while called “Safe Spaces.” It’s a 10 minute satire on university life in the era of micro-aggressions and safe spaces. I must admit. I think it’s pretty funny. So I had a lot of fun writing that one yesterday, editing it this morning, and sending it off to the contest.

This afternoon, I dabbled in the play I’m writing with four of my students. It’s a type of murder mystery – sort of. We are in the last half of that work. It’s been fun.

So now I have the question. What’s next?

That’s easy, actually. Novel #6.  I started it over Christmas and got about 40,000 words in. It is, perhaps, the most fun I’ve ever had in writing a novel because I’m breaking all of my rules about keeping it real and grounded in real life. I’ve added all kinds of crazy stuff and characters which is really fun. So now I’m ready to get back to it. It already has a title: “A Man Too Old, for a Place Too Far.” This is one of those novels where I thought of the title first and then wrote the story to fit it. I like to do that for some reason. Especially with my short plays. This is a fun novel and I can’t wait to get back to it. Set in New York City, Cambodia, Romania, Scotland, and a deserted South Pacific Island. I love it. A great combination.

So that’s what I’m up to. I hope to get this one finished this summer for, dare I say, a Christmas 2016 release?  That would be two novels released in one year. Sounds cool to me!

Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself, but that’s what I do.


A Look Ahead: Writing Projects for 2016

I have an exciting slate of writing projects on tap for 2016. Let me list them out in no particular order.

  • 5th Novel – Which Half David – Currently in revision. I’m hoping to push this along for a May or June release.
  • Play – I’m co-writing a yet-to-be-titled play with four of my students. Need to finish this one by May at the latest.
  • 6th Novel – I’ve been writing like crazy on this one the last two weeks. Already 25,000+ words in, and I’m having a blast with it. A little change in genre for me on this one. I would love to have this finish and edited by summer so I can do a December 2016 release. It has a title, but I’m not sharing yet. Two novels in one year would be pretty cool!
  • RLT Players’ – I’ll be writing another Christmas show for my drama group. It will be titled “More Tales of Wonder.” This will consist of about 10 original short plays all themed around Christmas. I set aside June and July for this project.
  • Release of “Theatrical Duets for Stage, Competition, or Classroom.” This is currently being proofed, and I plan for a January 2016 release in about three weeks. It’s a collection of 15 theatrical duets, including several award-winning pieces.
  • Smaller projects: I have a bunch of other short plays I plan to write. Plus a short musical I hope to finish with the help of a co-composer.

I have all this planned in addition to my regular job, my drama directing, and my softball coaching. This new year should be a blast!

Writing Forecast: 2015

A deliciously light breeze from the west lifts spirits and places smiles of satisfaction on writers everywhere. The sun’s hues glitter on the placid ocean as a million shades of contrasting blue. I would say the forecast for writing in 2015 is peaceful and inviting. So here are the writing projects I have on my over-sized plate for the new year:

  • Revising and editing novel four, “A Love Story for a Nation,” ahead of a July 1 release date.
  • Finishing my secretly titled novel #5, set in the fictitious island republic of Sulu. Can you figure out where it’s at?
  • I’m writing a new 10-minute musical with my co-composer, Ms. Laura Danneker.
  • I will be writing a whole slate of new short plays for my drama group, The RLT Players. This year I am hoping to produce a Christmas show with them, so I’m looking forward to writing Christmas scripts – about 10 of them. That will be a blast.
  • By the end of the year, I hope to start my 6th novel. As of now, it will be something completely different – a political thriller. It has a fascinating premise and title which must remain highly secretive at this time.
  • A full-length play for 2016 production, perhaps?
  • And knowing me, I’ll jump on a few new writing projects which haven’t even entered my brain yet.

Writing is a wonderfully blank tableau, ready to be taken in any direction I choose. It’s incredibly freeing and exciting. I can’t wait to see where 2015 takes me.



Back to Novel Writing

Felt good. Very good, actually, to get back to novel writing today.

Being at the beach, next to a pool and a cold drink doesn’t hurt either.

This is the life of an indie author, grabbing those writing times when they come. One has to make the most of them, and today I did.

My life has literally been embroiled in drama this past month. I’ve been on a marathon high of acting, lighting, staging, and all the other “ings” that go into putting on a big show. Now that it is all over, I finally can get back to writing.

Today was a good day.

I’m now about 17,000 words into my fifth novel. I can’t tell much about it at this point other than it is set in the fictitious southeast country of Sulu – between Philippines and Malaysia. Yes, I know the region quite well, so it’s been fun to create a new fictitious play land for my novel. There’s all kinds of stuff going on in the novel at this point, a daring rescue of women who were the victims of trafficking, a corrupt police force who got what was coming to them, and a couple on the verge of a marital breakdown. Fun indeed! Lots of interesting directions to take this one and I hope to have a draft finished by the summer. I should have a good amount of writing time over Christmas break to get a lot done. Looking forward to it.

Also on the horizon is my fourth novel which is currently unpublished. It’s in the precious hands of a bunch of readers at this point awaiting their thoughts and comments. This fourth novel, entitled “A Love Story for a Nation” which is NOT actually set in Asia (shocker, I know) is tentatively set to release on July 1, 2015. My wife is the only person who has read it at this point and she loved it. She’s a tough critic, too, so I’m hopeful.

It’s really fun being an indie author. Today is one of those good days. Soak it in and enjoy, like the sun and surf.